Seth H. Stomberger (b. 2001) is a UX and Web Designer currently in Savannah, Ga.

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Originally hailing from the sprawling Bluegrass farms in Danville, Kentucky, Seth grew up in a community where pop culture meant high school football, Billy Graham, and the occasional late-night true crime show. The rawness of his rural southern upbringing left him eager to differentiate himself, leading to a love for the visual arts and entrepreneurship.

Now a senior at SCAD, Seth has found his true passion lies in Interface Design, favoring work that allows him to showcase his visual and writing abilities. Utilizing both skills, Seth crafts aesthetic digital experiences with the emotional structure of a narrative. This innate ability to tell stories and love for UI pushed Seth to major in User Experience Design, where he hopes to touch deeply those who come into contact with technology.

Seth is excited to begin working with the Amazon Fresh team this summer, and can't wait for whatever else comes along.

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